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The Lynch Mob are Specialists in Machinery Removal, Machinery Installation & Machinery Relocation.


We employ 4 Point Lift Systems, Rams, Load Skates, Powered Skates, Cranes, Crane Trucks, Forklifts and Ingenuity.


Our greatest asset would have to be our skill, experience and creative approach to lifting in tight, constrained and difficult situations.


4 Point Lift Gantries


Up to 400T and up to 32 M length for header beams.


We've constructed the gantries up to 14M high.


We've erected tracks for up to 90M of travel for the loaded gantry.


Rams and Toe Jacks


5-50T Capacity


We're often using Travel Rams for horizontal moving.




Allowing easy turning of heavy machinery, to allow for installation/removal.


Load Skates


Up to 90T with Nylon Wheels, and up to 200T Cater-roller Skates.


Steerable Skates allow heavy loads to be easily manoeuvred.


We have 'Power Attack' steerable powered Load Skates from Germany.


Cranes & Crane Trucks & Forklift


Together with our steerable Load Skates, our cranes or forks can manoeuvre heavy loads as required.


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